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Welcome to the future home of the Somerville Labor Coalition, SLC.

**** Old News Items ****

8/27/2017 --------------------------------------------

Dear leaders of the SLC,

The September 19 preliminary election is just a few weeks away. Mayoral Candidate Payton Corbett needs a strong showing on Sept. 19 to be taken seriously by residents and the news media going forward into the Nov. 7 election.

Below is a schedule of activities. Although other groups (Greater Boston Labor Council, IBEW Local 2222, and Our Revolution Somerville) have also endorsed Payton, a strong turnout from SLC members is critical to building momentum for the campaign.

Visit Payton's website here: and his "like" his Facebook page here:

Please don't hesitate to email or call me with any questions or concerns.
In Solidarity,
Rand Wilson
SEIU Local 888

Payton Corbett campaign plan and calendar
Below is the schedule for a number of standouts, a visibility car caravan, a pre-election rally, and our Election Night celebration.

Standout and wave August 31 4:00 - 5:30 PM (West wards)
Davis Sq., Magoun Sq. Teal Sq.
(Pick up signs and lit at Foss Park 3:30 PM)

Sept. 7 4:00 - 5:30 PM (East wards)
Union Sq., Foss Park, Mystic Ave. & Temple
(Pick up signs and lit at Foss Park 3:30 PM)

Sept. 8 4:00 - 5:30 PM (West wards)
Davis Sq., Magoun Sq. Teal Sq.
(Pick up signs and lit at Foss Park 3:30 PM)

Sept. 14 4:00 - 5:30 PM (West wards)
Davis Sq., Magoun Sq. Teal Sq.
(Pick up signs and lit at Foss Park 3:30 PM)

Sept. 15 4:00 - 5:30 PM (East wards)
Union Sq., Foss Park, Mystic Ave. & Temple
(Pick up signs and lit at Foss Park 3:30 PM)

Sept. 17 4:30 - 6:00 PM (tentative)
Magoun Sq.

Roof rack sign visibility caravan
Sept. 16 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
12-15 cars needed. Roof rack signs will be provided.
Assembly point and caravan route TBA

Pre-election rally & standout
Sept. 18 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Foss Park (Broadway and McGrath)

Election night celebration
Sept. 19 8:00 PM - ???
Mt. Vernon Restaurant, 14 Broadway

7/12/2017 --------------------------------------------

Somerville Labor Coalition
Press Release on Candidates Night Endorsements
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6/10/2017 --------------------------------------------

SLC Candidate Night Invitation to SLC members

5/29/2017 --------------------------------------------

Somerville Times Article Somerville Labor Coalition Evergreen Clause

06/22/2015 --------------------------------------------

Secret Citizen Article Rebuttal Izak Shapiro Somerville New Weekly
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06/21/2015 --------------------------------------------

City of Somerville FY2016 Budget Overview
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06/21/2015 --------------------------------------------

City of Somerville FY2016 Municipal Budget {Proposed}
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06/21/2015 --------------------------------------------

Secret Resident Project
Call for Volunteers
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05/18/2015 --------------------------------------------

Together we will change public perception, and ultimately the public response to the addiction crisis...FOREVER. Will you join us?
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05/10/2015 --------------------------------------------

Somerville housing project leads to union clash (Somerville Neighborhood News/Somerville Journal)
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04/27/2015 --------------------------------------------

News Articles: What price is too high for a miracle drug?
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04/26/2015 --------------------------------------------

News Articles: Letter: Put community in Somerville CBA
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04/26/2015 --------------------------------------------

News Articles: History of poor conditions at Union Square fire station
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04/06/2015 --------------------------------------------

On April 14th Tuesday 4pm-6pm, Wage Action Rally in Boston, Forsyth Park.
People of all walks of life will join together nationwide
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Dear Members,

The AFL-CIO as well as the PFFM are calling for a massive rally at the State House.

This Rally is to educate or legislators on the impact of recent GIC cost shifting measures. Please urge your members to attend and let their lawmakers know about the impact these changes have on working families.

If you would like to attend and can get the time off please contact SMEA Vice President Jim Roderick as he will be going to the rally with several SMEA members.

Best Regards,

Tommy Ross, President
Somerville Firefighters Local 76


03/28/2015 - Workers urge union hires for construction at Assembly Square (Somerville Journal)
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01/08/2015 - Winter Group Insurance Commission (GIC) Benefit News

12/20/2014 - Union showdown underscores what’s at stake in Somerville’s economic revival (Boston Globe)
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12/05/2014 - Janitorial Cutbacks at Tufts University
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12/05/2014 - New Massachusetts Sick Time Law Explained
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Statewide unofficial election results
On November 5, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times
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Christine Barber Journal Article
ELECTION 2014: Somerville candidate Christine Barber wins 34th, Lanzilli grateful for experience
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Somerville Unofficial Election Results (11/05/2014)
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Dear Members,

The Somerville Labor Coalition would like to remind you of its endorsement
of Christine Barber for the 34th district as state rep.
We are very happy
to have the opportunity to endorse a candidate for public office who can really
make a difference. Christine Barber epitomizes the fundamental Democratic
principles that Unions share and embrace.Christine’s experience in the State
House and the health care field gives her the best qualifications for advocating
for our members. Christine understands that Unions are the backbone of the
middle class. Christine comes from a “Union Family”. Her parents were Union
members and instilled in her strong Union values and hard work.The Somerville
Labor Coalition supports and urges all of our members to vote for Christine
Barber for Massachusetts State Representative this November 4th.

Somerville Labor Coalition Executive Board

The Somerville Labor Coalition is proud to announce the endorsement
of Somerville's own Christine Barber of the 34th District for State Representative.
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A special meeting of the Board of Alderman was convened on Tuesday,
October 14 to serve as a public hearing on the mayor’s veto of the
so-called “Pay to Play” ordinance, as well as to provide an opportunity
for city officials and members of the general public to ask questions
and make comments on the matter.

10/26/2014 - Special meeting held on ‘Pay to Play’ ordinance
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Market Basket’s lesson for unions

08/26/2014 -----------------------------------------------------------------
Please Vote Yes on QUESTION 4: Law Proposed by Initiative Petition Earned Sick Time for Employees


SLC Endorsement of Erin DiBenedetto
please click and see full article on

08/11/2014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SOA) Somerville Overcoming Addiction Facebook Page

08/08/2014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Forwarded to you is the posting for the recent debate held at SCATV. Thanks for posting.

The Somerville Labor Coalition recently held a forum and debate at Somerville Community
Access Television for the primary candidates for the 34th Middlesex State Representative
seat. The candidates in attendance were: Christine Barber of Somerville, Erin DiBenedetto
of Medford, Nick Lanzilli of Medford and Craig Rourke of Somerville. Watch the replay
Somerville Labor Coalition Candidate Forum
Somerville Labor Coalition Candidate Forum: July 31, 2014
View on
Preview by Yahoo

The primary election day is September 9, 2014.

08/12/2014 - "Market Basket a rare case in labor world" from Boston Globe article

08/06/2014 - Somerville Labor Coalition letter of Support Market Basket Employees(Please click and see full Article on

Somerville Labor Coalition Sponsor State Reps Debate on SCATV "

Candidates Present Christine Barber, Erin DiBenidetto, Nick Lanzilli and Craig Rourke
(please press link for more on story)

07/17/2014 - Boston Globe Article "Letter: United front needed to keep an affordable Union Square"

05/28/2014 - SLC News Letter (What do Unions do?)

05/01/2014 - Link to Union Square and Development
Greater Somerville Interviews all 4 developer candidates

Somerville Neighborhood News reports on: Union Square Concerns

04/30/2014 - Rally concerning the potential outsourcing of Malden custodians - Click here for Detail

01/20/2014 - Somerville groups look to guarantee local Green Line Extension jobs

12/29/2013 - Somerville Aldermen hold off on GPS plan for City cars Dec 17, 2013

11/11/2013 - Public to Speak Out on How Aldermen Fill Vacancies
Public meeting on Tuesday - New Article By Somerville Patch

11/10/2013 - Boston Globe Article Somerville Mayor Loses Key allies on board

11/06/2013 - Election Department - City of Somerville - Unoffical Totals

The Members of the SLC Congratulate all those Elected on Nov 5th and look forward to working with them in the future.

Joseph A. Curtatone

Aldermen at Large
John Connolly
Dennis Sullivan
William White
Mary Jo Rossetti

Ward One Alderman - Matthew McLaughlin
Ward Two Alderman - Maryann Heuston
Ward Three Alderman - Robert McWatters
Ward Four Alderman - Tony Lafuente
Ward Five Alderman - Mark Neidergang
Ward Six Alderman - Rebekah Gerwitz
Ward Seven Alderman - Katjana Ballantyne

School Committee
Ward One - Steven Riox
Ward Two - Dan Futrell
Ward Three - Adam Sweeting
Ward Four - Christine Theberge Rafal
Ward Five - Laura J. Pitone
Ward Six - Paul Bockleman
Ward Seven - Caroline Lynch Normand

10/27/2013 - Letter sent to State Senators and Representatives

11/15/2013 - Reply Letters for local State Legislators Opposing House Bill 59 Healthcare reform proposed by Governor Deval Patrick

High Alert to all SLC Members

Opposition Statement to State Legislators HB 59 Pension Health Care Reform

Please read and use the following statement when contacting your state legislators opposing this latest attack on your healthcare


Don't know your State Legislators
click here to find them

09/02/2013 - Boston Globe Story on Unions in Opinion page

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